Post Laser Testimonials

The Post Laser Cream is very impressive, we have trialled it with peels and laser. It gives a very cool and good effect of the skin. Good Size and packing. *

Dermatologist WA


I have had some patients review of the post laser cream and the lightening cream.

These products are proving to be very good. *

Dermal Therapist - Sydney



* Propaira makes no guarantee that results seen by individuals will be seen by everyone. Results can vary from person to person. 

We take the greatest care to comply with all Australian Consumer Law to not overstate claims made by individuals using our products.

Conference front pic

Conference front pic m

Propaira MD speaking at a dermatology conference  

Propaira skin care for problematic skin is a logical response to our ever-evolving need for clinically effective yet gentle and affordable topical skin treatments. Propaira Supplements are designed to support Propaira topical products.

Propaira sources the most effective active ingredients from around the globe to ensure superior quality and results. Propaira uses these ingredients in percentages and quantity that maximise their clinical effectiveness.