After being a receptionist for a dermatologist for 3 years, I have seen all types of acne come in from patients aged 15-40 years.

After trying different creams, lotions and even strong medications nothing cleared my face completely, until I tried Propaira.

Within 2 days I could feel a difference - skin smoother, redness fading, and larger pimples calming down. After using the foam cleanser & cream morning and night, almost 2 weeks to the day it didn't look like a had an acne problem at all! With family, friends and even patients commenting on how my skin was now glowing.

No more breakouts, redness, ugly lumps & bumps that I have to 'cake on' make up to cover up. I now have fresh clear skin and I owe many thanks and social events to Propaira's foam cleanser and cream.*

Emma - Dermatologist Receptionist 2012


I just wanted to say thank you for this incredible product. I'm a 23 year old Uni student and I've struggled with mild to severe acne since high school. Nothing seemed to ever completely work and I would always be sporting at least one or two pimples. That was until I tried your product!

I was given a sample from a Doctor my Mum works with and I haven't turned back since. Within two days the redness was disappearing and within a week my face was clearing. My skin feels healthy, soft, the oils are well-balanced and more importantly it's consistently and constantly clear of acne.

This is a fantastic product that I have and would recommend to anyone! Thank you.*



Good aftenoon
I am a firm believer in praise where it is due.
I am writing to firstly congratulate you on a superb product. My son suffers from acne which is mild to moderate but potentially distressing and disfiguring so we were advised to trial Propaira. A resounding success. If he misses one night of treatment with his facewash and cream his skin is markedly worse the next day, inflammation and new erruptions are very apparent.
Consequently we are on a mission to persevere with this regime.*




I did not think it was possible to find a skin care that felt good and is good for you.

It was suggested to me to try Propaira an Australian branded skin care by a skincare specialist.

It not only helped to clear my skin from breakouts but also made it look fresher and brighter. Even my Family and Friends noticed how clear and healthy my skin looked. The customer service is truly fantastic and am planning on putting in another order right now. With my heart on my hand I can honestly tell you Propaira is now preferred skin care provider by all the brands I have now tested.

Thank you Propaira. *

Sabina from NSW


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