Moisturising Balm should be a real winner, ( both for excoriated Eczema and Psoriasis ),  especially applied sparingly, and with wet hands,  on dampened skin, and gently massaged in completely.
Well done again!

Dermatologist, QLD


 We have a young patient with severe eczema who has had an adverse reaction to systemic treatment and ended up in the hospital. Since being off the systemic treatment his skin is extremely flared and painful and he finds that the moisturising balm is the only thing that gives any relief.

Dermatology nurse, QLD


 I have 4 patients whom I gave samples of the moisturising  balm to and they have had wonderful outcomes. One has completely healed.

 Dermatologist, VIC


 In my eczema clinic I have had fantastic feedback on the Bath oil and ointment combination from several patients.

 Dermatologist Nurse, VIC


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