Eczema Testimonials

This is the first year I haven't used steroids for my hand eczma. Propaira Ultra Calming Lotion and Cleansing Gel kept my skin clear. *

Dermatologist NSW


I've had the sores and rash for over 3 years and have tried all sorts of things but nothing seems to work for long, ive had blood tests etc... samples sent off to labs all say its a form of exma and Dr suggestes a different ointment  and off we go again.

I started the samples I was given as soon as I got home and really impresssed at results. NO MORE ITCH OR BURNING FEELING, it felt like something under the skin was biting me some times so im VERY happy with your products and I really thank you for your service you went the full 10 yards to help me and that doesnt happen too often  again thank you. *

Betty QLD


Thank you for such a great product. I received my order of Eczema lotion 4 days ago and the difference is remarkable. I no longer feel constantly itchy, have dry, red patches or have that prickly burning sensation on my skin. The only disappointment is that it has taken me so long to discover this life changing cream. After almost 30 years of hit and miss treatments I can now relieve the itch and break the eczema cycle. I do hope that the medical fraternity takes notice of this product. Keep up the good work.*




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Propaira MD speaking at a dermatology conference  

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